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About Wax Eloquent

We are… Storytellers. Brand ambassadors. Lead generators. Marketing strategists. Digital enthusiasts. Email evangelists. Image designers. Content creators.

Your marketing team.

At Wax Eloquent, we’re focused on two outcomes. Helping our clients grow, and making them look amazing in the process.


Like it. Love it. Hate it. – Every business has a brand.

The question is, does your brand reflect who you are? Brands make an impression, communicate identity, and set expectations for what customers will experience working with you. Whether it’s creating a brand from scratch or rebranding, we love helping clients build beautiful and compelling brands.



Tell your story.

Whether you have a brick and mortar business or not, your website is your digital storefront where customers virtually walk in your doors. From beautiful design to search engine optimization (SEO), our websites marry consistent branding with the structure needed to be found online. Each site is designed to be mobile friendly with the end-user in mind. Our goal is to create sites that wow and convert to sales as we tell our clients’ stories.



It’s all about the story.

Crafting a great story is the difference between a good video and an effective video. Rather than simply producing videos, we help our clients tell the why behind what they do so that their videos connect and leave a lasting impression with their audience. Photography is so much more than hiring someone with talent. Photography brings your brand to life and guides how people will feel about your business. Keeping your brand in mind, we choose styles and settings that make our commercial photography spot on for our clients.

Video / Photo


Strategy my dear, Watson. Strategy.

In a world of messaging bombardment and fleeting attention spans, how do you stand out from the crowd? It all begins with strategy. Most businesses know they need to do some type of marketing but don’t know where to begin. We help our clients understand what marketing tactics are available to reach their target market and then craft holistic marketing strategies to produce results.

Marketing Strategy


The name of the game.

Social media is where your customers are and where you want to be. From building a following and engaging with fans to navigating the waters of organic (unpaid) vs. social advertising, we guide clients through the world of social media to strategies that help them grow.

Amazing Lash Instagram Story


Wow them. Convert them.

Whether its traditional advertising (print, tv, radio, billboards) or digital advertising (social media, Google Ads, retargeting), paid advertising allows you to reach your target market. We help our clients leverage this powerful tool by crafting the right placement strategy, message, and design to drive results and convert your audience into customers.



The sharpest tool in your marketing toolbox.

Email marketing is the gold standard of marketing tactics. It communicates your message to a captive audience, drives sales, and produces a great ROI. We help clients understand email marketing and develop campaigns that subscribers want to open.



Let’s give ’em something to talk about.

Your business is noteworthy. Whether you are handcrafting shoes or building railway cars, your business has unique contributions to the marketplace, and people need to know. We work with clients to write and distribute press releases to media regionally and internationally through both print and digital trade publications. We help you tell your story and then send that story out through the publications that are best suited to reach your audience.

Shane Reeves Press Release


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