What’s New in Facebook – 2021 Q3

$1 Billion Investment into New Creator Funding Initiatives

Facebook is planning to invest more than $1 billion in programs for creators over the next 18 months, specifically focusing on more ways for creators to earn money for the content they share on FB and IG. Facebook has been ramping up its monetization tools to keep up with other social platforms like TikTok, which prioritize making sure their creators are being paid well.

New Tools for Groups, Including 'Expert' Badges & Automatic Invites for Page Fans

There's new functionality for Facebook Groups - page Experts and automatic invitations for engaged followers of associated pages. Group admins can assign members as group experts, and then all their comments and posts will be highlighted, and the admins can host Q & A sessions with the Experts. This will be a great way to increase engagement within the groups, and could even be a useful way for brands to communicate with followers.

Bulletin Newsletter Platform Expands push into Local News

Facebook's new Bulletin newsletter platform hasn't made it super big yet, but Facebook continues to expand its sources to provide news to a broad range of people. They will be adding 25 new local journalists to not only expand the platform but also to help writers and journalists have a platform and steady income, as the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many local newspapers to shutter. Not only will the continued expansion of the Bulletin platform into local markets create jobs for writers, but it could also mean Facebook stepping into the role as the key local news source in many areas of the U.S., and even the world.

'Reels' Coming to Main App

Reels, which were previously just available on the Instagram app, are now coming to the main Facebook app, allowing users to create and share reels directly in the News Feed or in Facebook Groups. This will expose Facebook users to the short-form video Reels, which they may not have previously been exposed to, increasing reach and engagement. It's been made clear that Facebook has been doing all they can to slow TikTok's ever-increasing momentum, so we'll have to wait and see if Instagram Reel's expansion into Facebook helps achieve that at all.

New 'Widely Viewed Content' Report

A new quarterly report from Facebook shows where the content most people see on their feed comes from, which goes hand-in-hand with Facebook getting a bit of heat from suggestions that political content dominates user feeds. This report is Facebook's evidence that that just isn't the case. The report shows that 57% of news feed content is posts from friends and people followed, 19.3% is posts from Groups joined, 14.3% is posts from Pages followed, 8% is unconnected posts, and 1.5% is 'Other'. So, assuming that this report is accurate, at least 90% of the content in your News Feed comes directly from people, Pages, and Groups you follow, not from Facebook randomly picking for you.

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