What’s New on Instagram – 2021 Q3

'Audio' tab to Boost Reels Engagement

You can now search for audio specifically in the Instagram search tab, making it easier to find specific Reels or trends based on the music clips. You can then browse Reels using the same audio or save it to use for yourself later. Sound familiar? This is a functionality commonly used on TikTok, which Facebook/Instagram has been trying to catch up to for a long time now. Maybe this new functionality will help Instagram push a little closer to the popularity of TikTok, but only time will tell.

Ads on the Shop Tab to Highlight Specific Products

There are now promoted products on the Shop tab in the Instagram app! Soon, brands with product listings will be able to promote them on the Shop tab, and once people click on the sponsored listing, they'll be able to see Product Details, view your other products and posts, and share with their friends. As eCommerce popularity continues to rise, it's great that Instagram is keeping up and making itself even more integrated with online shopping. If you're a brand that has an eCommerce shop, this functionality may really come in handy with increasing online sales.

Instagram Stories Drafts Available to All Users

After announcing the coming of this feature back in March, all users can now officially save Stories as drafts! Though the draft will only be saved for a week before being automatically deleted, it's a great feature that will likely come in handy for a lot of people. With the drafts feature, you can take the time to make your Story exactly how you want it, and wait to post it until just the right time. It also provides a fail-safe for those times when you accidentally exit out before you're done - since this is when it gives you the option to save as a draft anyways, now you'll be able to catch it easier and not just lose all your progress.

'Reels' Length Expands to 60 Seconds

The available length of IG Reels has been extended from just 30 seconds to 60 seconds, a pretty unsurprising update. When Reels first launched last September, the available length was only 15 seconds, so this extension seems pretty natural. Especially since TikTok has recently expanded its length all the way up to 3 minutes, so it won't be surprising if Instagram continues to increase Reels length in order to keep up with TikTok.

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