Tips for Posting on Social Media as a Brand

While it may sound simple, posting on social media on behalf of your brand can be a bit tricky. You may not know exactly what to post or when to post, what your followers like best, or what platforms your brand will perform best on. Of course, the easiest way to navigate your brand on social media is to work with someone who specializes in it, like our team at Wax Eloquent, but if you’re looking to start off doing it yourself, we’ve got some tips that may just help you out.

What do you like seeing most when looking at a brand’s social media pages? One of the first things that came to your mind was real people. People love to see real people related to your brand, whether it’s the people that work for your company, community events your brand has been involved in, customers shopping at your store, receiving a service, or interacting with your employees, posts that feature real people automatically catch the viewers’ eye and lend some credibility to your brand as a whole.

Social media isn’t one size fits all. Don’t stress if your brand isn’t thriving on a certain social platform. You can always take a different approach or even try a completely different platform instead. With the way social media platforms are changing and new ones popping up, you can definitely find something your brand will succeed on.

In order to create and keep loyal customers through social media, you need to be prepared to spend some time (either everyday or every other day) interacting with your followers. If you don’t reply to your customers’ comments or DM’s, it won’t take them long before they stop making the effort to interact with you, and potentially lose interest in your brand altogether.

When we say be consistent, we don’t mean you have to post every day at the same time. However, you need to be posting consistently, once a week at the very least. You never want people to have to question whether or not you’re still active on social. Even if you aren’t posting on the actual feed that much, you could still post things like Stories or TikToks/Reels to bring in some engagement.

Try not to lose your sense of humanness while posting on social media. Every post doesn’t have to look super polished and professional – your followers will likely enjoy a quick selfie from your employees as much as they would a posed, edited, and designed image. 

Obviously, you should never copy another brand’s work, but don’t be afraid to get some inspiration from brands in similar industries to see what kind of things they’re posting, and what’s getting them the most engagement. You can then use that to plan out content that you’ve seen work well for others, but in your own branding and voice. 

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