What’s New on Other Platforms – 2021 Q3

YouTube launches 'New to You' Discovery Prompts

YouTube is launching 'New to You' discovery prompts to highlight channels you've never seen. This will help users find new channels they've watched but that still align with their interests based on their past viewing behavior. This is a win-win for creators and viewers - creators get new subscribers to their channel, and viewers get shown new content that aligns with their interests. But, only time will tell how effective it actually is and if it's recommendations are accurate enough to be found useful by viewers.

Twitter retiring 'Fleets' after > 1 year

Twitter is retiring Fleets, their version of Stories, after launching less than a year ago. Apparently, Twitter is switching the focus onto its audio Spaces tool instead. According to Twitter statements, Fleets are being retired because just not enough people used them. So for now, we say goodbye to Fleets and see what else Twitter comes out with.

New Live-Stream Features

TikTok's new live-stream features include scheduled events you can promote, live Q & As, co-streaming, and more. You can create an event card that allows people to Register for an in-app reminder, so people can be reminded of your upcoming events. Next is the Q & A overlay on-screen, allowing more engagement between viewers and streamers. The last new streaming update is live guests, which displays you and your guest in split-screen mode. This feature has actually been around for a minute, but previously you had to have 5,000 followers to be able to do it. Now, this feature is available for everyone. These new features will be great for engagement and a more seamless experience between viewers and streamers.

YikYak Makes a Comeback

YikYak, an anonymous social media app that was somewhat popular about four years ago, is making a comeback? On YikYak, users can share thoughts anonymously, but only people within a 5-mile radius can view, upvote, or comment on them. While the intention is positivity and connecting with others, it is often instead turned into a place where users can criticize and abuse others anonymously, which is why it was shut down in the first place.

linkedIn adds reviews and ratings

Profiles that have Service listings are now able to be reviewed and rated on LinkedIn. This should be a very beneficial tool, giving potential customers some insight into the experiences real people had with a certain SMB they're considering using. This seems like it will be a great feature and another way to help out SMB's.

Pinterest loses 24 million users

Over the past three months, Pinterest has lost 24 million users after 11 quarters of growth. According to Pinterest, the loss is likely due to the increase in vaccinations and the pandemic easing up, so people are getting out more instead of browsing Pinterest. We'll see how this new surge of the pandemic affects Pinterest's numbers, but overall this is definitely an indicator of how the pandemic has and continues to, affect our usage of social media.

Clubhouse sees significant increase in usage

Clubhouse officially launched in July and has seen significant growth since then. This is a pretty new platform and is mainly based around audio rooms, and is really working against the social giants of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, who are now starting to develop and release their own audio platforms. Clubhouse has gotten a lot of its growth from India, where it's used more than anywhere else in the world. It's great that Clubhouse has seen such great growth in the past couple of months, but only time will tell if it's here to stay.

Here, we discuss other new updates on various social channels besides the giants of Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, for which we have separate posts. Which one of these piqued your interest the most? To learn how to navigate through social and stay up to date on new updates, call Wax Eloquent at 615-893-4290 or email us at [email protected] for some social strategy talk.

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