Digital Marketing FAQs

Digital marketing can be a little confusing, and if you don’t actually work in digital marketing, there’s likely a lot that you don’t know about it – we totally understand! Based on some of the questions we’ve gotten a lot, we’ve put together a list of digital marketing FAQs that may help you navigate the world of digital marketing and what it could mean for your business.

Digital marketing encompasses all of a company’s online marketing and advertising. Social media posting, digital advertising, website creation, email campaigns, SEO, content marketing, and more are all components of digital marketing

Yes! Using social media will get you brand awareness and help you build your reputation. Even if it’s not necessarily the thing that’s helping increase sales, it definitely still has its benefits.

That depends! Different businesses may work better on different platforms. Granted, even if you’re not getting tons of results from a particular platform, it likely won’t hurt your brand to still be active on it, but it’s probably worth trying out other platforms as well to get better results.

In most situations, they’re worth a shot! Digital ads can be a bit finicky and can take a couple of months to really start showing consistent results. If you’re trying ads on a certain platform and not getting the results you’re looking for, try out some other platforms, give it a couple of months, and pivot again if needed. If you keep trying and nothing seems to be working, revisit your strategy and try different kinds of ads or focus your energy and money elsewhere.

Many people are surprised to learn that email marketing is stronger than ever. Email is more personal, and most people check their inbox multiple times a day, so you’ll almost always reach them. Email marketing is a great tool for just about any business, and there are tons of ways to go about it, so no matter what you’re looking to share, you can find a schedule and strategy that works for you. 

Digital marketing has a place in your business strategy whether or not your current goal is increasing sales. Increasing brand awareness, getting traffic on your website, promoting a certain aspect of your business that isn’t seeing as much success as other aspects, etc., are all things that digital marketing can help with. It doesn’t all have to be about making more sales! Also, even if your business is doing amazing right now, you don’t want to wait until a lull to implement digital marketing – you want to already have a strategy in place that can just pivot to focus on sales. 

Having a beautifully designed and functional website is incredibly important to your business. No matter how much effort you put into the rest of your digital marketing strategy, if it’s pointing people to a website that doesn’t look great and doesn’t function the way users need it to, it may not be as effective as you need it to be. For more information on what makes a good website and how we can help, check out this free resource.

We hear this a lot – you may think that you can handle your digital marketing yourself instead of involving a partner (like us) in your strategy. While you may be able to do a couple of social media posts, keeping up with digital ads, website maintenance, performance tracking, and your overall marketing strategy is quite the undertaking, especially when you’re busy running your business! That’s where our team comes in – give us a call at 615-893-4295 today to schedule your free consultation!

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