6 Genius Ad Tactics That Will Make Your Audience Buy Now

6 genius ad tactics that will make your audience buy now

Ever been so captivated by an ad that your wallet basically jumped out of your pocket?

Ah, the magic of advertising. 🪄


Want to know 6 genius ad tactics that’ll make your audience itch to click that ‘buy now’ button? Keep reading!

Make 'Em Feel Something

Ads that evoke powerful emotions – whether it’s joy, nostalgia, or a touch of sadness – create memorable impressions. Craft a narrative that resonates with your audience’s feelings and watch the connection build. 


Extra Gum’s “Birds (Origami)” ad is a great example here. Advertisers evoke sentimental feelings in their audience by showing a little girl growing up and saving the gum wrappers her dad made into paper cranes over the years.

Seal the Deal with Logic

A well-informed customer is a satisfied one. Furnish your audience with facts, figures, or logical arguments about your product or service. Offer them a clear value proposition, and they’ll see why it’s a smart purchase.


Purina’s ad “Helping Pets Live Better, Longer Lives” gives a behind the scenes look into what the company aims to do with their products – keep pets healthy! They provide relevant facts and figures, while explaining it in simple terms that even kids can understand. Plus, who can resist kids AND puppies in the same video?

Give 'Em a Little FOMO

No one wants to miss out on a trend or highly-rated brand – show your audience why others love you. Harness the power of customer testimonials and rave reviews to showcase the popularity and effectiveness of your offering. 


American Express compiled 5 testimonials and stories from business owners in their ad, “Why 5 Businesses Accept American Express.” While this isn’t directly trying to sell their credit cards to consumers, it does keep the brand top of mind AND it encourages business owners to accept their method of payment.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Instill a sense of urgency with limited-time offers or by highlighting the scarcity of your product/service. A gentle nudge that time or stock is running out can accelerate purchasing decisions.


McDonald’s just released two new sauces, “Sweet and Spicy Jam” and “Mambo”, for a limited time. They know this will get customers to their restaurants to try them out before they’re gone. Check out the ad below.

Add a "Cherry on Top" Discount

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Entice your audience with special deals, discounts, or exclusive offers, and watch the barriers to purchase tumble.


Kroger does a great job incorporating some humor while promoting its low deals for big savings — so good, you may break out in dance at the grocery store. 

Make 'Em Laugh, Make 'Em Share

An ad that’s humorous or quirky isn’t just memorable—it’s shareable. Make your audience laugh or smile, and you’ve got a good shot at them sharing with others. 


Allstate’s “Mayhem” commercials are great at incorporating humor to show how their insurance can protect customers from life’s more *ahem* mayhem-filled scenarios. Check out an example below. 

Want to see some more examples of these ad tactics in action?


Check out this video to see Shane, our VP of Digital Marketing, give a rundown of 6 more ads that are basically legendary. Oh, and did we mention Ryan Reynolds makes a guest appearance? Yeah, you’re gonna wanna watch this. 

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