Brand Design

Your message needs to be clear, and design that accents that makes all the difference.

How it Works

There’s a reason we say we’re a creative agency focused on your brand’s story. We seek to keep building, or even help you establish, a brand that will reflect your unique strengths and position in the marketplace.


Your logo and brand design is a crucial piece in making a first impression and instilling a high level of expectation to your clientele, and we’re here to help with that. 

Step 1 Social Media Strategy


First things first, we have to understand what your brand is about and who you’re trying to communicate to. When we’re laying the foundation of brand design, we’ll research your target marketing and make sure we’re on the same page before we continue. 

Step 2 Social Media Strategy


Next, we’ll present you with logo and design options with details from the designer explaining why certain style choices were made. When we make these designs, we always feature some sort of callback in reference to your business’ purpose, which gives your branding and logo even that much more purpose and uniqueness. 

Step 3 Social Media Strategy


Now it’s time to wrap up your brand design! After we’ve gathered your feedback, we will work on any tweaks and finalizations. We’ll put the finishing touches on your logo and branding, as well as adding in secondary, single color, and social sized logos in different formats. 


You and your brand new brand are ready to go! You’ll get the entire final product and all the final assets in a brand guide. Your brand guide will include your colors, fonts, logo variations, and other important branding elements. It’s basically like having your entire brand tied up in a neat little bow.

What You're Getting

unique custom logo and branding

Your logo has to set you apart. We’ll design you a custom logo that makes your brand recognizable with a single look. We’ll make sure your brand is unique.

Award Winning Design

We’ve made a name for ourselves in design since the early 90s. You get access to some of the best creatives around..

A dedicated Eloquent Team Member

No toll free numbers. No different time zones to coordinate through. No chat bots to get past. Email us or call us, and you can get help or answers today.

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Download. Implement.

grow your business.


Download. Implement.

grow your business.


Download. Implement.

grow your business.


3 Questions Your Website Must Answer

Most of us intend to sell something through our website, and unfortunately most websites are NOT set up to sell. If you want a website that sells, you need to answer these 3 questions for whoever is visiting your website.

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