The Client

C12 is a group specifically for Christian CEOs and executives, focused on business, life, and leadership transformation. Being a part of the C12 organization provides its members the tools they need to calibrate and manage their business as well as like-minded peers they can form relationships with and grow spiritually with.


The Problem

C12 was looking to create a series of videos that highlighted some of its members and the benefits they've seen from being members of the organization. The goal of the videos was to motivate members and show the true purpose of C12 - community, spiritual growth, and learning life-changing business skills.


The Approach

We worked with C12 to choose three different businesses in different industries. We met with each business individually, at their place of work, to allow them a comfortable environment to talk about their experiences
in the group.


The results

The results left C12 with three different polished videos representing three of its members and their businesses. These videos can be used in C12 meetings to show to other members as well as part of their marketing materials. The videos represent the beliefs and goals of the organization as a whole, as well as of each business and its executives.