Team Building With An Impact


Use the tenderness of the Christmas season and come together as a team to give back to the community you have the privilege of serving!

5 Ideas to Use for Your Next Social Post

5 Ideas to Use for Your Next Social Post

If you’re feeling a bit grim about posting on the ‘gram, get ready for a surge of inspiration! Our free tool brings you 5 ideas for your business’s next social media post.  Start adding more valuable content to your feed with these easy ideas that can be used over and over again!  Do you find […]

Clear Eyes, Fresh Strategy, Can’t Lose

Shane Wax Eloquent fresh strategy

Fall is approaching and football season is gearing up. Our VP of Digital Marketing, Shane Warren, is paying homage to Friday Night Lights in our newest video release, “Fresh Eyes, Clear Strategy, Can’t Lose”. Watch below to learn the value that a new set of eyes can have on your marketing strategy! Take a note […]

Social Media Showdown: Organic Content vs. Paid Ads

Heather Burrow Wax Eloquent organic content vs paid ads

Our Senior Account Executive, Heather, is here to break down the difference between organic content and paid ads for social media. Listen in as she shares the secret equation to a successful content strategy that you can start implementing in your business today! Need help navigating a content marketing strategy? We would love to talk! […]

What is Brand Loyalty?

Shane Wax Eloquent Brand Loyalty

Your brand is more powerful than you think. Don’t believe us? Watch this video. Today, our VP of Digital Marketing, Shane, is showing you just how powerful the community and messaging of a brand can be with a personal testimony of his devotion to a certain logo himself! Learn more about branding and how you […]

The Power of Laughter

Heather Burrow Wax Eloquent power of laughter

You’re halfway there to a more productive day! Our Senior Account Executive, Heather, is taking a minute to share a little hack that can improve your attitude, performance, health, and team morale. Watch the video to get the hack for yourself! Did we get a laugh out of you? Great! Be sure to like and […]

Marketing Like It’s 1984

Shane Wax Eloquent Market Like Its 1984

Big Brother is watching, and your business can benefit from that! Join our VP of Digitial Marketing, Shane Warren, as he discusses the power of retargeting and how you can harness it and make Big Brother work for you! Interested in learning more about retargeting, hyper-targeting, and other Orwellian marketing techniques? Schedule a call […]

Five Elements of A Successful Ad Campaign

Wax Eloquent 5 elements of a successful ad campaign Feature Image

If you’re a small or midsize business owner, then you probably know the power successful ad campaigns have on growing your customer base and ultimately your business.