Keep Calm, Market On

Marketing ROI

When the going gets tough, the tough market. In times of recession or economic crisis, many businesses are faced with having to make budget cuts in order to stay afloat. Some businesses make the mistake of cutting marketing spend, or their entire marketing budget, initially, thinking that it will allow them to keep departments seen […]

7 Deadly Digital Marketing Sins

Digital Marketing Team

Digital marketing is crucial in growing your business, but it has to be done right. Making the wrong choices or coming at marketing with the wrong approach can be harmful to your digital marketing efforts. Whether you’re working with a digital marketing agency like us, have a marketing department in-house, or something else, there are […]

What to Expect When You’re Building a Website

What to Expect: Website

Join our team as we walk you through our process of building client websites! From construction to hosting, we offer a full menu of web services that can take your site to the next level! Want to work with us? We offer digital marketing services such as lead generation, web development, brand design, social media […]

Video Retention

Video Retention

Hasta La Video, baby. You’re 10 times more likely to remember the video you’re about to watch than any of the text you’re reading right now. Shane Warren, our VP of Digital Marketing, is back with the facts this week. He’s sharing the type of content you need to be sharing if you want to […]

3 Tips for Your Google Ads

Shane: Google Ads

Our VP of Digital Marketing and resident Google Ads guru Shane Warren is bringing you three tips that will save you money, get your ads to your ideal audience, and increase your click-through and conversion rates. Need we say more? Watch and see what you need to check for in your Google Ads account to […]

Art of Journaling

Hear from our Senior Account Executive, Heather Burrow, as she shares some thoughtful advice on how she’s able to pivot from morning mom moments to contributing to and leading a team in a matter of minutes with the art of journaling. Check out more videos from our team and additional content like this on our […]

Grab the Squeegee

Weston: Squeegee

What does a few seconds, a saint and a squeegee have to do with each other? Watch today’s video for a word of encouragement that came from a recent conversation our CEO, Weston Wax, and his wife had with a friend. Encouraged by today’s content? Be sure to follow Weston on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook […]



Holy digital ad strategy, Batman! Hypertargeting is a sure fire way to get your digital ads to your ideal audience. Listen in as our Vice President of Digital Marketing, Shane Warren, gives us the rundown of what hypertargeting is, types of campaigns used in hypertargeting, and why you should be implementing it in your digital […]

Additional Ad Platforms to Consider

Spotify Ads

In digital marketing, there is something called The Rule of 7. In the 1930s, the movie industry developed this marketing strategy that suggests that a prospective customer needs to hear an advertiser’s message 7 times before they make a purchase. For studio owners, it meant that the movie’s promotional materials needed to be seen 7 […]

4 Tips for Your Social Game

Tips for Social

It doesn’t matter if you’re a social media novice or a guru, these tips can help elevate your social media. Listen in as our Senior Account Executive, Heather Burrow, brings you four practices that you can start implementing in your social media strategy today. A better social media strategy can turn your followers into brand […]