The Client

Comprehensive Fiber Solutions, also known as CFS, came to us at the very beginning of their business. They design and install fiber-optic broadband and high-speed Internet networks to places in need, and have a passion for helping bring rural America up to speed with the high-speed Internet found in urban areas.


The Problem

CFS needed help building its entire brand. The men who make up CFS have been in the industry for years and years, but worked for different companies - so they had no branding, website, or anything, going into the creation of Comprehensive Fiber Solutions. They needed a logo that portrays what CFS does, a website that would help explain what they do and what makes them different from their competitors, and print materials like business cards, banners, and more to be able to spread the word about the new business.


The Approach

To create the things that would go into CFS' branding and defining their company's identity, we knew we needed cohesive imagery, iconography, and design elements that could be used in all areas of their brand and make them recognizable across all the different marketing materials they would be using.

Logo and Branding Establishment

Created a logo for CFS was the first thing we needed to do before starting on the website or any print materials. We had a general idea of what they were looking for, and we knew their colors would be based on the colors found in fiber Internet cables, focusing on the first three colors – orange, blue, and green. 


We came up with different logo options, using different iconography and typography until the client decided on what they felt most closely reflected their brand in the way they hoped for. Once we had their logo and branding established, we were ready to move on to the website and print materials. 


Aa Bb Cc

Aa Bb Cc



Website Approach

Now that branding had been established, we were ready to move on to the website process. The actual functionality needed for the website was pretty minimal, but the design still had to be attractive and unique.


The main purpose of the website was to inform potential customers about what CFS does and what makes CFS different than its competitors in the industry. However, we knew that we needed to avoid using jargon that would confuse readers. We were able to take the content that the client sent us and make it a bit easier to absorb for the everyday person. 


We stuck with a clean, simple design that would allow visitors to focus on the content. We used images that portrayed internet and fiber networks without being confusing or intimidating to those of us without a deep understanding of fiber networks. 


In the end, we provided the client with a user-friendly website that would allow them to share what they do, as well as give visitors the ability to get in contact with CFS to book them and learn more about their services. 

Print materials

CFS needed new print materials – simple ones like business cards and flyers to match their branding, but also promotional ones – like banners and signs to be used at trade shows. We were able to design and print all the materials they needed, and all of their materials had cohesive branding and were ablet to lead people to their brand new website. 

Business Card Design


Website Concept

Website Design CFS



CFS was given an entire new brand - a new logo, website, and print materials that they could use for years to come to promote their new business. With these new assets, they will be able to make a difference for rural areas and help them get access to high-speed internet and fiber networks that more urban areas are equipped with.

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