The Client

Compass Pediatrics is a pediatrician office in Tennessee with goals to serve, educate, empower, advocate, and guide patients and their parents towards optimal health.


The Problem

Compass needed a brand and web design to generate new patient appointments, accept payments through a payment portal, empower parents to make smart health decisions, and keep non-urgent calls to the office to a minimum.


The Approach

From our initial meeting on, we planned to focus more on parents of school-age children as our key audience. Our design focused on bright colors and fun shapes that extended to the architecture and decoration in the physical office.





Logo Concepts

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3


Website Concept



We built the website on the WordPress platform due to its ease of use on the client-side, customization options, scalability, and low overhead. As we do with every site we develop, we ensured the site was mobile-friendly and optimized correctly for search engines. Our biggest challenge was finding a symptom checker that fit the qualifications set out by Compass. However, we were pleased with the solution of implementing SelfCareDecisions on the site which proved to be low maintenance and updated frequently, all while coordinating with the bright and fun branding of Compass Pediatrics.


The Result

The result was one of the most inviting sites we have had the honor to develop. The ultimate goals of quickly accepting payment, informing parents with the symptom checker, and attracting new patients to the clinic were accomplished even with such a bold and innovative design.

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