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Through targeted ad campaigns, we’ll help propel your brand’s digital footprint far beyond what you’re posting on Facebook.

Grow Your Business Through Digital Marketing

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How it Works

Digital advertising campaigns help your brand be seen by people who may not be seeing your regular organic content. But we know that digital advertising can be intimidating and stressful. That’s why we’re here.


We’ll do the research about your brand, your target audience, and your competitors to make sure we have all the information to make your ads as effective as possible. Once your ad campaign starts running, we’ll be regularly checking your results, making adjustments as needed, and communicating them to you on a regular basis.

Step 1 Social Media Strategy


Before we start an advertising campaign, we need to know your goals and what results you’re hoping to see from the ads. Have an upcoming event, and want people to RSVP? Selling a new product or service and want to make people aware? Or maybe you simply want more customers and want to increase revenue. No matter what your goal is, we can make a custom ad that will help you achieve it.

Step 2 Social Media Strategy


Now that we know what your goals with the ad are, we have to figure out the specifics of it. Who are we trying to reach with the ad? What kind of ads are your competitors running? What kind of ad will work best for your goals? These are all the things we have to understand to ensure your ad is going to be as effective as possible. 

Step 3 Social Media Strategy


This is the fun part of the whole process. We’ll create a custom ad for you that checks all the boxes and delivers the results you need to see. As with everything you do, you’ll get to proof the ad before it’s published to make sure it matches what you had in mind. 


Your ad is ready to run! But our job doesn’t end here. Once your ad campaign is officially up and running, we’ll be monitoring it every step of the way and making adjustments as needed. to make sure you’re seeing the results you need. 

What You're Getting

custom ads

Your ads will always be custom to your brand and what you specifically need to see results from. Award winning design, perfectly curated copy, and in-depth research will ensure that your ad is exactly what you need.

measurable results

The most important question when it comes to running digital ads is – “Are they working?” We’ll be checking on your ads daily to make sure your ads are doing what you need them to do, and if they’re missing the mark, we’ll make edits to make sure they will.

multi-platform advertising options

We know that not all advertising platforms are the same. Our team is well-versed on different digital advertising platforms, so we can help you decide where your ad will be most effective, whether it’s Facebook, Google, or elsewhere.

A dedicated Eloquent Team Member

No toll free numbers. No different time zones to coordinate through. No chat bots to get past. Email us or call us, and you can get help or answers today.

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Wax Eloquent Digital Marketing

Download. Implement.

grow your business.


Download. Implement.

grow your business.


Download. Implement.

grow your business.


3 Questions Your Website Must Answer

Most of us intend to sell something through our website, and unfortunately most websites are NOT set up to sell. If you want a website that sells, you need to answer these 3 questions for whoever is visiting your website.

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