The Client

ONEless Ministries has been operating out of Middle Tennessee since 2010. They originally started with a goal to raise awareness and prevention of human trafficking, but now mostly support for foster care as well as adoption grants, so that children can be adopted into loving, Christ-centered homes.


The Problem

ONEless needed a complete overhaul of their website since it was still mostly centered on their human trafficking message, and the website itself looked pretty outdated. They needed a whole new look that looked more fresh and modern, updated content to match their new focus on adoption grants, a place where people could fill out their adoption grant application online, and a functioning donation platform where people could donate to ONEless Ministries.


The Approach

After hearing ONEless’ problems and discussing their needs, we decided that we needed to completely update their branding and change all the content of the website to match their ministries’ current focus.

Updating branding

ONEless’ branding hadn’t been updated in several years, and we all thought it was time for a bit of a refresh. We started by creating several different colorways and font options for the client to choose from. We wanted the website to have a fresh, modern feel, with lighter colors, more white space, and an overall more happy vibe. 




rewriting content

When it came to changing up the content, we talked to the client about how their ministries’ focus has changed since their website was initially created. We did some of the content writing as well as the client sending us some of the updated content. 

website Approach

We needed to create a site for ONEless Ministries that clearly communicated their purpose, informed people about what they do, and made it easy for people to donate to ONEless’ cause.  The website needed to match their new, updated branding and communicate their purpose as a ministry intended to help provide children in need with loving homes. The main functionalities needed were the ability for users to donate directly on the site, as well as fill out an adoption grant application online. 


Website Concept



Branding update execution

ONEless’ original branding consisted of greens and browns, and made the website feel a little dark and crowded. In addition, their focus used to be mainly raising awareness about human trafficking, so we needed to completely change the imagery and feel of the website to communicate their new focus, providing adoption grants. We decided to update their branding and move towards a more clean, modern, and simplistic feel. We started by putting together several different color palette and font options that went with our idea of fresh, clean and simple colors, as well as simple, easy-to-read fonts that wouldn’t make the website look too crowded. We also selected imagery and design that would reflect ONEless’ purpose without overwhelming users.

website execution

We built the website on the WordPress platform due to its ease of use on the client-side, customization options, scalability, and the number of additional plugin options to create a website with the exact functionality we needed. The client’s goal was to have a user friendly website where they could inform users of their purpose and make it very easy for users to know exactly where they needed to go on the website to apply for an adoption grant, donate, or just learn more about all that ONEless does. Our goal was to ensure that the website represented their branding and clearly communicated their purpose while keeping the user experience clear and simple. 





ONEless Ministries' final website has a completely new look that matches their message very well. The website is easy for users to navigate, and due to WordPress' client-friendly setup, the client will be able to easily update and add to the site over time as they wish.

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