PDK Southern Kitchen & Pantry


Made from Scratch


When our client created the PDK concept, they knew they wanted to create something more than pretty design and delicious food. (And we can wholeheartedly confirm the food is better-than-your- Southern-grandma-used-to-make it delicious. Can we get an ‘Oh Yeah’ from the PDK fans out there?) They wanted the dining experience to influence the design and the design to influence the experience, marrying the two to create a lasting brand. The result was PDK Southern Kitchen & Pantry, a local gathering spot flavored with Southern tradition. It would be a place to gather with delicious food and local retail that supported causes and social entrepreneurs. The purpose and the Southern charm would be built into the brand’s core.

“We’re selling the experience.”

Come sit a spell in our kitchen and experience

Southern tradition with a modern twist.

PDK Stickers
PDK Napkin Holder

Creating a brand.


The concept was in place, and the time arrived to create the visual identity for the brand. PDK said they wanted it to feel first and foremost Southern. After that modern but throwing back to traditional roots and stylish. Our research began with tracking down stylish Southerners and discovering what gave their brands those two components- Southern charm and style. The result was the PDK logo, and its iconic ampersand. The main logo with block out letters to add weight and lasting strength and the serif font to hold to tradition.

The App is Here

Last came the elements.


When creating a full visual identity for PDK, we knew the supporting elements would be pivotal to tie together the in-store experience and external marketing. Our client envisioned using the classic restaurant buffalo check in a new way through the flooring and had the idea to tie it into the visual identity. The result was stellar! Collaborating together we pulled the concept’s idea of having a pantry with fresh veggies into the visual identity, and we were off to the races. The veggies and lemons took the front stage along with the buffalo check and photography on a clean marble surface (again with throwing it back to tradition). The videography included people gathering and deconstructed food to bring in the brand’s home kitchen feel.

The Result?


A made from scratch brand that’s as unique as the concept. Just like with great dining, it’s using the right ingredients and preparing behind the scenes that make for an amazing end product.