The Client

Pure Glow is a medical and holistic spa in Murfreesboro, TN whose goal is to treat the skin from the inside out by merging holistic methods with advanced technology to provide the deepest results with relaxation.


The Problem

Pure Glow needed to solidify their branding, create brand awareness to generate new client appointments, and inform people about treating the body from the inside out with medical-grade products and strategic facial and body treatments.


The Approach

From the beginning, we wanted to use a crisp, modern design that communicated the same relaxing feeling that you get walking into the spa. We used this fundamental goal to guide us through the rest of our approach to do the following:

Our approach for each phase is described in more detail below.

Branding Approach

At the very beginning of our work with Pure Glow we developed branding that both we and the client loved and felt fitting for the business. While there was never anything wrong with their original branding, we and the client wanted to give it a bit of a refresh to make it a bit more modern, neutral, crisp, and clean.


Pure Glow Typography


Pure Glow Colors


Pure Glow Icons

social media Approach

Our approach with Pure Glow’s social media tactics makes for a great example of all the different social media marketing options and the power they can hold. From the beginning, we’ve used organic social media to build brand awareness, educate their audience, sell products, and fill appointment slots. We knew we wanted to expand on the social media methods we were using to keep trying to get better and better results.

Email Approach

Email campaigns are a great way to reach a large portion of your customers and let them know about any upcoming events, specials, etc. We initially began Pure Glow’s email campaign during the holiday season to let their customers know about their upcoming sales and virtual events, but then decided to continue it outside of the holiday season to maintain communication with their clients.

Video Shoot Approach

Video shoots are a great investment for long-term brand promotion and content for social media marketing. The goal for Pure Glow’s video shoot was to educate existing customers as well as new followers and future customers about what it means for Pure Glow to be a medical and holistic spa and how they approach treatment from the inside out. 

website Approach

We needed to create a site for Pure Glow that was easy for customers to shop on and user-friendly for both customers and for Pure Glow. The website needed to match their new, updated branding and communicate their purpose as a medical-holistic spa while still being crisp, modern, and clean. The main functionalities needed were the ability for users to purchase products from the site and choose in-store pickup or shipping to their home and store discounts for special events or holidays.

New client appointments Approach

From the beginning, our goal was to produce new leads for Pure Glow! so that they could easily see their ROI. Our plan of action for new leads was to create digital ads featuring a prominent call to action, (contact us). On Facebook and Instagram. Through Facebook and Instagram ads, we were (and continue to be) successful at targeting parents of children of all ages. We have seen great results on all their ads, keeping their average cost per click to under $1, and Pure Glow! has gained new patients because of our efforts.


Website Concept



Branding execution

Pure Glow’s original branding consisted of light pinks with a bit of white and black mixed in, sparkly backgrounds and an overall more feminine feel. Recently we decided to update their branding and move towards a more modern and simplistic feel. To achieve this we began focusing more on crisp, clean white backgrounds with touches of warm browns and sage green throughout to add some color but keep it neutral and clean.

Social Media Campaign Design
Social Media Campaign Design

social media execution

Although we originally started with just organic social content, we over time we started adding in paid Facebook ads and emphasizing IGTV videos to add a more personable touch to the brand and educate the audience about services and products as well as increase engagement. IGTV videos are a very easy, yet effective way to reach your audience and post longer and more educational videos that don’t go away as Instagram Stories do. We also set up an Instagram Shop that allows us to tag products and link them directly to Pure Glow’s storefront website where users can purchase with just a click of a button. We continue to adjust our approach to Pure Glow’s social media, try new things, and achieve their goals.

email execution

We originally used the email campaign to inform customers about deals and specials throughout the holiday season. We kept the emails true to their branding, and short and sweet as to not overwhelm their readers. We sent these out once a week to all customers we had contact information for, and we ended up seeing a lot of success with the emails. Because of the results we saw, we decided to keep up the email campaigns and send them out twice a month so as to keep Pure Glow’s customers in the loop on new products or services, events, and in general to maintain communication.

video shoot execution

We created an agenda of things that we wanted to capture in the video shoot – showcasing products and services, and talking about Pure Glow’s goals and overall approach. The final video was a beautiful production that clearly communicated Pure Glow’s purpose and what they offer. We have since been able to use this video in organic social media, email campaigns, and digital advertising.

website execution

We built the storefront website on the WordPress platform due to its ease of use on the client-side, customization options, scalability, and the number of additional plugin options to create an eCommerce website. The client’s goal was to have a user friendly website where they could sell products as well as hold special sales and discounts. Our goal was to ensure that the storefront represented their branding while keeping the user experience clear and simple. We used WooCommerce to set up products, shipping information, as well as set up specific discounts.

new client appointment execution

Everything we’ve mentioned so far was part of the plan to gain new loyal clients. Through organic social media, digital advertising, pushing the new video, and having the option for customers to shop from the new, high-quality website, Pure Glow has been consistently growing their business and booking more appointments.



While consistent organic posts will generate a steady reach over time, it’s evident that targeted social media advertising is really what boosts Pure Glow’s post reach. For example, in the graph below you can see that on average, Pure Glow’s organic posts (light orange) reach anywhere from 50 to 200 people. But when paid ads are strategically targeting the Pure Glow ideal audience, their posts reach 1,000 all the way to 6,000 people. 

website results

Pure Glow’s final storefront website has a clean and fresh look that is easy to navigate and opens up a lot of possibilities for Pure Glow. The initial goal of increasing the number of products sold has been accomplished while keeping their clean, crisp branding.

new client appointment results

Though Pure Glow did already have some loyal customers when we began working with them, their customer base has continued to grow thanks to the paid ads, emails, online storefront, and increased social media presence.

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