The Client

Robertson Family Water is a family owned and operated water treatment business in Middle Tennessee. For over three generations, the Robertson family has been focused on providing clean, healthy water to Middle Tennessee.


The Problem

Although Robertson Family Water was an already-established brand, they needed some help raising brand awareness and booking appointments.


The Approach

In order to build brand awareness, we knew wanted to start with organic social media, since they had no real social media presence beforehand. We wanted to make sure we talked about things like the Free Water Test that makes Robertson Family Water unique, while educating consumers about their water and why they could benefit from a whole-home water filtration system.

To continue building on brand awareness and to get the brand in front of as many people as possible in the hopes of booking appointments, we knew we also needed to implement some paid digital advertising on Facebook, Google, and YouTube.



Using Robertson Family Water's existing branding, we began curating organic social content that would educate consumers about what's in their water and the benefits of clean water, while portraying RFW as the one who can help solve their problems. On a monthly basis we share things like facts about tap water, testimonials from past customers, history about the business, and more.

Because digital ads typically have shorter character limits, we use digital ads to show the benefits of having a whole-home water system that provides you with clean water. Facebook ads are used to highlight specific benefits, while YouTube ads are used mostly for brand awareness and getting people to their site to book a water test.

Social Media Design
Facebook Ad



By posting organic social media content coupled with paid ads on Google, YouTube, and Facebook, we have been able to boost Robertson Family Water’s brand awareness, and keep them consistently booked with appointments both for free home water tests and system installations.

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