The Client

Rutherford Works is a collaboration between the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce offices of Economic Development and Workforce Development. The organization oversees programs and services that businesses start and grow in Rutherford County.


The Problem

Rutherford Works was created to help solve the lack of jobs in Rutherford County, especially since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their efforts focus on bringing Rutherford County businesses and education partners together to collaborate on closing skills gaps and the future of the workforce in the County.

To do so, they needed a video to share in the community highlighting five key workforce sectors in the county: construction, healthcare, manufacturing, supply chains, and tech.


The Approach

We wanted to provide a video that highlighted each business and its appropriate workforce sector. Our team, and the client, wanted to highlight the positives of working in Rutherford County. We wanted to show that there is a job for everyone right here in Rutherford County, and to inspire them to take the necessary steps to find the job they love.


The execution

Executing the actual video consisted of several weeks of shooting videos at six separate businesses to meet with their owners/employees. We were able to spend time discussing their business, why they're passionate about what they do, and why people could benefit from working with them. After shooting the videos for each of the separate businesses, we compiled them into one main video for Rutherford Works to use in their Job Fair Campaign.


the results

Once we had all the footage we needed, we compiled it into a short video that highlighted each business and its people, while overall highlighting Rutherford County with the hopes that people would be inspired to seek and apply for jobs.

We finished the project with a beautifully shot and edited video that puts a spotlight on Rutherford county and will be an integral part of Rutherford Works' Job Fair Campaign.