Reeves for State Senate


Christian Family Man.

Business Leader. Senator.


The journey to become the State Senator from the 14th District of Tennessee was a hard road for Senator Shane Reeves. After years building a business, raising a family, and serving his church and community, Shane Reeves was ready to pursue his life-long dream of public office.

Reeves for State Senate Logo

It all began with gathering a campaign team versed in the needed areas of campaign strategy, fundraising, mail, and digital marketing. Wax Eloquent was brought on to be the campaign’s digital team. Our first step began with creating a visual identity for the candidate- logo, photography, and videography- all woven together to tell Shane Reeves’ story of being a Conservative business owner and family man.


Shane Reeves black & white looking to the side


Shane Reeves black & white looking foward

Next came the creation of his official website at  The site was built to let people learn about the candidate and his stance on the issues and to be a collection point for information to rally the troops. Each page pointed to an email collection point for voters to volunteer, request a yard sign, sign up for an event, or pledge their vote. The result was an engaged audience that was ready to be mobilized.


Reeves Website
Shane Reeves sitting on couch

Shane Reeves approached the campaign differently than his opponents. His vision was to run a strong digital campaign that reflected his professionalism and commitment to the office. Wax Eloquent developed a digital strategy to target likely voters in the district with the most relevant message.


Shane Reeves Facebook ad example
Shane and family at dinner table.
Reeves email mock up

Get out the vote.

Through early voting to election day, the time came to push the voter audience into action. Wax ran five social channels for the candidate, developed social advertisements, crafted email campaigns, and regularly released new content on the website. Between Wax’s digital efforts and the campaign team’s field efforts and advertisements, voters were consistently reminded that it was time to vote.


The results speak for themselves.


Shane Reeves won the primary election against a well-known opponent with a decisive 65% to 35% victory and again in the general election with 71% of the vote. On March 15, 2018, the first-time candidate was sworn-in to become Senator Shane Reeves, representing the 14th District of Tennessee.