Social Media Strategy

We know how valuable social media is in the world we live in today. We believe by utilizing both organic and paid social media, you can truly get the most out of your social media strategy. 

it Works

How it Works

Using good copy, beautiful design, and effective calls to action, we drive qualified leads to your website or landing page through your social media presence. Our process is simple, and our mission is clear. We look forward to helping you implement your social media strategy to grow your business!

Step 1 Social Media Strategy


Our Social Media Strategy involves thorough research and preparation. We research who you are and what you do, finding images and noting special events, holidays, and milestones for your company along the way. Then we outline a content schedule and write captions relevant to your brand and in line with your voice. 

Step 2 Social Media Strategy


After the content has been written, we will work with our exceptional team of graphic designers to design engaging posts and ads that represent your brand and maintain a cohesive look. After we have the content and design created, we will create a mock-up so you can see your vision come to life.

Step 3 Social Media Strategy


Once your social media mock-up and ads for the month have been beautifully designed, we will proof our work internally, then send it to you for final approval. Add, remove, and edit all you need. Nothing will be posted on your social media before you have the opportunity to proof it first.


The final stage of the  process involves posting and scheduling your approved content. Your personal Wax Eloquent Social Media Manager will schedule the approved posts on each of your social media channels. Then throughout the month, they will regularly monitor engagement and manage communication on each of your pages. 

What You're Getting

Award Winning Design

We’ve made a name for ourselves in design since the early 90s. Balancing beauty, functionality, and user experience, our graphic designers will elevate your brand and enhance its effectiveness. You’ll have access to some of the best creatives around.

Story-Minded Content Writing

Our team has adopted a story-minded approach, so we can help you tell your brand’s story the right way. You’ll get content writing that’s relevant to your brand and ultimately positions you as the guide who will solve the problems your customers are facing.

A dedicated Eloquent Team Member

No toll-free numbers. No different time zones to coordinate through. No chatbots to get past. Email us or call us, and you can get help or answers today.

Download. Implement.

Grow your business.

Wax Eloquent Digital Marketing

Download. Implement.

grow your business.


Download. Implement.

grow your business.


Download. Implement.

grow your business.


3 Questions Your Website Must Answer

Most of us intend to sell something through our website, and unfortunately most websites are NOT set up to sell. If you want a website that sells, you need to answer these 3 questions for whoever is visiting your website.

Wax Eloquent Digital Marketing