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They say a thousand words, and it’s important that your video and photography work enforces your message.

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How it Works

The ability to speak directly to your audience has never been easier with the advent of mobile video. Just point, shoot, and communicate clearly and effectively. But we know it’s not that easy. Getting the right script, lighting, offer, and b-roll can make the process just too intimidating to start.


That’s where we can help. Before we hit record, we’ll help you articulate your message and plan to make the shoot as easy as possible for you and your team. We would love to connect and discuss your future video projects.

Step 1 Social Media Strategy


We’ll discuss the plan for the video/photo shoot, what you’re hoping to accomplish with it, and brainstorm ideas for the session. 

Step 2 Social Media Strategy


We’ll work with you and our professional videographer/photographer to pick the prime time and location for your shoot. 

Step 3 Social Media Strategy


Now it’s time for the actual shoot day. Our team will be there with you to make sure everything looks great and goes as planned.


Once we get the finished products, we can start implementing those professional images into your website, social media posts, and ads.

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What You're Getting

professional quality

The photos and videos we provide you with will always be professionally done and very high-quality.

ownership of images

Although we’ll keep copies of any photos or videos to use in our marketing efforts, you’ll get copies of it all to use as you like.

improved social content

Having high-quality images ups your social game and gives your followers an insight into what you, your team, and your business are really like. 

A dedicated Eloquent Team Member

No toll free numbers. No different time zones to coordinate through. No chat bots to get past. Email us or call us, and you can get help or answers today.

Photography Specialists

The Right Photographer for the right job, Every time.

Whether it’s headshots, architecture, or food photography we work with the right photographer to get perfect shots for you and your business.

TriStar StoneCrest 15th Anniversary Video Series.

We had the opportunity to partner with Tri-Star Stone Crest to commemorate 15 years of caring for their community. Wax Eloquent helped develop a series of 13 videos sharing stories from past and present as a thank you to staff and community support. The video series culminates into a truly inspiring compilation highlighting how fantastic TriStar StoneCrest is.

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Grow your business.

Wax Eloquent Digital Marketing

Download. Implement.

grow your business.


Download. Implement.

grow your business.


Download. Implement.

grow your business.


3 Questions Your Website Must Answer

Most of us intend to sell something through our website, and unfortunately most websites are NOT set up to sell. If you want a website that sells, you need to answer these 3 questions for whoever is visiting your website.

Wax Eloquent Digital Marketing