You need more than a website that just looks good (that’s the easy part), you need a website that sells for you 24/7.

Grow Your Business Through Digital Marketing

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How it Works

Lots of business owners used their college roommate to help them create their company website. Since that college roommate now has 4 kids and a full-time job, he might not be the best fit for your needs. 


We have a team of web developers and designers, hours of operation, and a fixed street address. If you need answers, you know where to find us. Schedule a call today to get your website needs taken care of and grow your business. 

Step 1 Social Media Strategy


Your messaging strategy is the most important thing about your website (and your marketing), and getting it right on the website is paramount. We use a proven marketing strategy and framework to organize your messaging to clarify what you do, how you serve your clients, and how they can buy from you.

Step 2 Social Media Strategy


The fun part. When good messaging meets good design and sails into the sunset together. Design is the vehicle that delivers your messaging.. and like you, we’d rather that message roll up in Tesla instead of a pinto.

Step 3 Social Media Strategy


This is thorough back end work on our part. We’ll do what we can to break the site and see what bugs needs to be fixed and kinks worked out. We coordinate with other services to make sure the site is optimized for best results and is fully functional.


The site is ready to go. Engine revving (or purring if that’s more your style) and eager to grow your business. Now let’s let her out of the gates and watch her go. We’ll continue to monitor your site and are on standby to help you however we can.

CFS Website Mock Up

What You're Getting

Mobile Friendly

Since 2015 mobile searches have outranked desktop searches and that trend doesn’t show signs of changing. So your site must keep it’s pizazz and functionality on a phone.


If you’ve got an old site, you don’t have to worry about people ending up there by mistake. All links will be redirected towards your shiny new site.

Award Winning Design

We’ve made a name for ourselves in design since the early 90s. You get access to some of the best creatives around..

Basic Integrations

If you’re working with analytics, insight tags, ecommerce platforms etc.. we ensure all the systems will be playing nice together.

Website Training

We’ll train you on basic functionality of your site so you can make those minor updates and adjustments without going through us each time. If you need something done more substantial, we’re here to help.

A dedicated Eloquent Team Member

No toll free numbers. No different time zones to coordinate through. No chat bots to get past. Email us or call us, and you can get answers today.

Download. Implement.

Grow your business.

Wax Eloquent Digital Marketing

Download. Implement.

grow your business.


Download. Implement.

grow your business.


Download. Implement.

grow your business.


3 Questions Your Website Must Answer

Most of us intend to sell something through our website, and unfortunately most websites are NOT set up to sell. If you want a website that sells, you need to answer these 3 questions for whoever is visiting your website.

Wax Eloquent Digital Marketing