The Client

Wild About Smiles! Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics is an award winning pediatric dental practice that provides exceptional dental care to children of all ages in Middle Tennessee. For more than 35 years, their belief has been that every child should grow up with a healthy smile. They strive to treat each patient with the special knowledge and understanding that only a professional pediatric team can provide.


The Problem

Wild About Smiles! needed a re-design to their branding and website to generate new patient appointments, accept payments through a payment portal, empower parents to make smart health decisions, entice a larger social media presence, and generate leads through paid advertising.


The Approach

Based on the problems discussed with us, we knew that Wild About Smiles! needed to do the following:

Our approach for each phase is described in more detail below.

Branding Approach

The common desire between client and agency was to create a recognizable brand through animated characters, fonts, and an overarching safari theme. This design was intended to create a space that a child would want to come back to, and a space that parents would feel safe to bring their children to.




Website Approach

In creating Wild About Smiles! website, we wanted to appeal to their target market, (parents of young and school aged children), while still communicating that it was a pediatric dental office. We did this through updating the style to have more of a modern page layout and integrating the updated branding. In this stage, we spoke with the client about what type of functionality and features they were looking for. This included integrating a patient portal, a sign-up form, and an appointment request form.

Social Media Approach

Before we began working on Wild About Smiles! social media, we assessed their current social media. Were they posting consistently? What type of content were they producing? How many followers did they have? We discussed our findings internally and produced a plan of action we wanted to take to divert their social media in a new and improved direction. This plan of action was discussed with the client and then acted upon by our team. Our goal was to attract a more engaged audience, post consistently, and to write and post engaging content.

New Leads Approach

From the beginning, our goal was to produce new leads for Wild About Smiles! so that they could easily see their ROI. Our plan of action for new leads was to create digital ads featuring a prominent call to action, (contact us). On Facebook and Instagram. Through Facebook and Instagram ads, we were (and continue to be) successful at targeting parents of children of all ages. We have seen great results on all their ads, keeping their average cost per click to under $1, and Wild About Smiles! has gained new patients because of our efforts.


Logo Concepts

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3


Website Concept



Branding execution

After consulting with Wild About Smiles! on their goal for their branding and how they wanted to be portrayed, we got to work on a new logo design and updated colors that would ultimately freshen up the brand and make it stand out amongst their competitors. The logo we created for them was a re-design of their current logo. We kept the same idea, but modernized it.

website execution

We built the site on the WordPress platform due to its ease of use on the client-side, customization options, scalability, and low overhead. As we do with every site we develop, we ensured the site was mobile-friendly and optimized correctly for search engines. Our biggest challenge was integrating a patient portal, but we were pleased to find a user-friendly solution while brainstorming with our team.

social media execution

In order for us to execute Wild About Smiles! social media, we developed a social media interaction process which laid out the groundwork that answered the who, what, when, where, and why questions. Who on the team would be in charge of overseeing this account? What type of content would be posted? When would the content be posted? Where would this content be posted? (Ex. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), Why are we posting this content? (Ex. What is the goal? New clients? Website traffic?). These were all important questions to ask ourselves so that we would set goals and stick to them.

new leads execution

A goal from the very beginning was to attract new leads that would turn into loyal customers. One way we did this was by shooting a video that would be used for the website and advertising purposes. This video showcased the atmosphere, the friendliness of the staff, and services they provided. Those who watched this video couldn’t help but be captivated by this business. Another way we generated new leads for Wild About Smiles! is from running digital ads. Running these ads proved to be very successful at attracting new clients and gaining a social media presence.



branding results

Through their prominent safari theme and animated characters, we were able to execute our shared vision of a recognizable brand for Wild About Smiles! target market. This updated brand style was so successful that it leaked into other aspects of our sister companies’ businesses that provides signage and print materials. Through this our sister company, My Sign Expert was able to create new signage for both their Murfreesboro and Tullahoma locations. Our other sister company, Wax Family Printing was able to provide printing collateral with the updated branding style.

website results

The result was one of the most fun and colorful sites we have had the chance to develop. The recognizable branding was integrated beautifully to create a unique design that would stand out among Wild About Smiles! competitors. The website was optimized for a user-friendly experience and traffic flow that would occur due to SEO, retargeting and other various advertising efforts. With the integration of the payment portal, users are allowed a more convenient online experience. This payment portal allowed doctors and nurses to gain time every day that they would normally have to advocate towards taking payments, answering questions, and taking calls.

social media results

Wild About Smiles! social media grew substantially from the time we first started, and in turn an established brand was created through their social media accounts. With their updated branding and consistent stream of content, Wild About Smiles! now has polished, relatable social media profiles that are welcoming to anyone in the market for orthodontic services and pediatric dental services.

While consistent organic posts will generate a steady reach over time, it’s evident that targeted social media advertising is really what boosts Wild About Smiles!’ post reach. For example, in the graph below you can see that on average, Wild About Smiles!’ organic posts (light orange) reach anywhere from 50 to 200 people. But when paid ads are strategically targeting the Wild About Smiles! ideal audience, their posts reach 1,500 to 2,000 people. Towards the end of 2020, Wild About Smiles! saw the success of their ads and ran them consistently to continue reaching their target audience.

new leads results

Since beginning our marketing efforts with Wild About Smiles! They have seen an uptick in calls and scheduled appointments, as well as an increase in link clicks through their paid ads. We believe that our various marketing efforts have all worked in unison to produce new clients for Wild About Smiles!

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